Album Review: Off With Their Heads – Be Good

12 August 2019 | 11:27 am | Anna Rose

"[O]ne of those releases you can lock yourself away with when you’re feeling meh."

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They say misery loves company, and you could have no better mate in melancholy than Be Good, the fifth studio album from Off With Their Heads. Relentless, freeing, and refreshingly shameless, Be Good is the Minnesota gruff punks' best release to date.

The angst and aggrieved melodies that rip through the speakers on songs like Take Me Away and standout track Severe Errand are well-suited to one of those urgh-I-feel-like-crap-and-Off-With-Their-Heads-totally-get-me moods. Extreme Irish pub song You Will Die is the ultimate DILIGAF anthem – deeply relatable. Matched with the volatile crashes of cymbals and the relentless strum of low riffs, the tortured cries of the vocals really make this one of those releases you can lock yourself away with when you’re feeling meh.

There’s an odd sense of elation, of hope, in Be Good, mind you. The brightness brought by Off With Their Heads offers a strange sense of reassurance without sacrificing the grit of the growling guitars and our familiarity with the band’s sound. 

From the righteous rollicking of punk to the relentless revolt of rock, ultimately, Off With Their Heads are an everyman band making every-mood music, and Be Good is the band’s best offering to date.