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Album Review: #1 Dads - Golden Repair

3 March 2020 | 10:16 am | Alasdair Belling

"[A] sensitively composed collection of songs."

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The return of Big Scary frontman Tom Iansek’s solo spin-off #1 Dads comes with the wonderfully added irony that Iansek has become a first-time dad himself. The reflectiveness triggered by such a life-changing event shows on the sensitively composed collection of songs that make up new LP Golden Repair.

From the opening of the piano-led 4bit, it’s clear that this will be a more stripped-back affair than previous outings, with further cuts Freedom Fighter and Fold channelling the darkness of artists like The National and Atticus Ross, albeit with a more gentle touch. Instrumental cut Patience certainly fits this brief, sounding like the soundtrack to a drama show and capturing a sense of unease.

It’s not just a record for the brooders though; Orion swells to a wonderful climax, accompanied by all manner of whistles, bongos and other folky paraphernalia, while Another Day is as good a folky driving song as you could ask for on your road-trip playlist.

Golden Repair takes a few listens to come to life, but once it's nurtured and given some attentive love, it becomes a beautiful yet fragile addition to Iansek’s growing catalogue of quality records.