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Live Review: Nothing But Thieves, Fyre Byrd

11 February 2019 | 2:56 pm | Gavin de Almeida

"The band had a presence about them that is hard to fake."

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There’s nothing as good as seeing an up-and-coming international band on the road to something special, so it’s fair to say the Nothing But Thieves show at the intimate HQ main room didn’t disappoint. With a range of strong hooks ensuring the highly engaged crowd sang along to virtually every song, the night was memorable.

To kick off the night, local support act Fyre Byrd impressed many in the room with their energy and confidence. Launching into their set with some gnarly, buzzing guitar riffs and thunderous drums, they grabbed the audience from the outset and for the most part, kept their attention throughout. For a two-piece, they certainly packed a punch, with the singer's voice a nod to Matt Bellamy's, the unique guitar effects allowing for some variety and the substantially loud drums really pumping. The drummer's technique of getting off her chair for more power in her hits also added extra stage presence, which makes a difference when you only have two members. Running around her kit and standing on the kick drum also made an impact.

After anticipation had built up, Nothing But Thieves were met by huge applause as they walked on stage to Foo Fighters' classic All My Life. Conor Mason's soaring vocals filled the room right from the start. Decked out in denim overalls, he had plenty of swagger on show, turning the mic to the audience very early in the piece – something he could only do with the confidence of knowing their fanbase would know the words. The band had a presence about them that is hard to fake - something that comes from killing it in front of many crowds, time after time.