Album Review: Mickey Avalon - Loaded

19 June 2012 | 2:53 pm | Carlin Beattie

Loaded is scattered with what feels like a scrapbook of half-formed ideas.

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Having gained international attention in the years subsequent to the release of his self-titled debut album, Mickey Avalon has enjoyed a cult (and occasionally mainstream) following, due primarily to his catchy and skilfully woven tunes: musical tattles of Los Angeles' substance inhaling and sex-driven sub-celebrities. Returning with his second (and long-delayed) studio album, the Hollywood-based rapper appears to have lost his knack for crafting passionately lewd, crude and drug-abused beats – and with that, his ability to write good music.

Fans expecting a return to production of songs like Jane Fonda, My Dick and Waiting To Die are instead on the receiving end of a dry amalgamation of music and inspiration that has (presumably) gone stale since the record's initial release date years ago. Sadly, a large number of the tunes play out as poor derivatives of the recipes Avalon found success within in 2006.

Nearly twice as long as it's album predecessor, Loaded is scattered with what feels like a scrapbook of half-formed ideas. On occasion it seems that a good idea is around the corner; Mr. Brownstone kicks off as a quirky homage to LL Cool J's Mr. Goodbar and the very sighting of fellow LA rapper Andre Legacy's name featuring on a studio album should excite most Avalon fans. Unfortunately these opportunities are squandered amongst the average production and bad decision-making that litter this hour-long listen of shabbily executed rhymes supported by cheap instrumentals.

In regards the delay, Avalon has promised to chase this sophomore release with a new album upon each passing year from here on in. One can only hope that the artist finds some new creative energy in the meantime.

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