Album Review: Metronomy - Metronomy Forever

12 September 2019 | 4:55 pm | Mac McNaughton

"Joseph Mount punches the air defiantly against the dullness of ageing."

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Six albums in, nobody is expecting Joseph Mount to toughen up in such troubling times, and on Metronomy Forever there’s the same lush diary musings about love and lust that we’ve come to expect from him. The Light is a fully formed slow jam and Lately brings a neon Stranger Things glow.

The youthful wistfulness that wrote postcards from The English Riviera all those years ago hasn’t matured as much as you might hope (if anything, he’s sounding younger) and things get rather silly on the acne-riddled and terribly awkward Sex Emoji. Even the deliciously sticky Salted Caramel Ice Cream sounds cute rather than outright carnal. The instrumental vignettes sound like they were born of a Commodore Amiga computer and Yamaha DX7, giving it all a distinctly ‘80s sheen. On Metronomy Forever, Joseph Mount punches the air defiantly against the dullness of ageing while the rest of us think maybe it’s time for a hair cut.