16 August 2012 | 4:18 pm | Simon Holland

Young astronaut Lee Miller is sent on a mission to the International Space Station. Life on the ISS is predictably solitary and Miller manages his time maintaining the aging spacecraft and reflecting on his lonely existence. Miller receives word that trouble back home means plans to bring him home are being shelved and that communications are being terminated. The news propels him into a rage-depression cycle before discovering solace in the journal of a Civil War survivor stashed away on the vessel. The soldier, sent on a lonely mission, provides Miller with a historic kindred spirit.

Love is the directorial debut from cinematographer William Eubank and was funded completely by the Tom DeLonge-led supergroup Angels & Airwaves. The film examines the cataclysmic darkness of the 'Human Condition' and the loneliness the lack of interaction can cause. The film itself was shot beautifully by Eubank in a set he created himself and is a remarkable solo effort, demonstrating in practical terms the capability of a man with an idea. Whilst the film skirts the frustrating line of ambiguity the vision remains clear. The stunning soundscapes from the A&A group reinforce the emotions felt throughout providing a remarkable cinematic experience and prompting extensive post-film reflection.