Live Review: Lost Ragas, The Yearlings

12 February 2015 | 1:41 pm | Naomi Keyte

Lost Ragas’ new release is set to be a winner based off that performance.

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Walking the line between country and folk, The Yearlings are the ultimate Sunday afternoon act. The partnership between lovers Chris Parkinson and Robyn Chalken can’t really be described as anything but perfect. The two write and perform timeless songs, which they sing together, both cradling a guitar. Beautiful, restrained arrangements allow their natural vocals to come to the fore.

The distinct guitar work of Parkinson combines a warm tone with just enough twang to remind you that he is a country boy through and through. Chalken’s breathy vocals have a soothing quality that puts you at ease.

Joined by Shane Reilly on lap steel, they played the title track from their latest release, All The Wandering. The combination was perfect, and Parkinson abandoned all restraint, letting his guitar sing and wail.

Melbourne outfit Lost Ragas, are taking their latest single on the road. Marijuana Mornings is the first single from their forthcoming record Trans Atlantic Highway.

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Vocalist Matt Walker heads this country outfit and he is the perfect man for the job. His beautiful, deep voice pours out effortlessly and his rhythm and lead guitar work are darn good. With an obvious love for classic country songwriting, he has enough irony and wit to bring a darkness to what could easily become twee.

As well as providing lap steel, harmonies, guitar and mandolin, Shane Reilly is also the other songwriter in the band, and this man knows what he is doing. His playing is flawless and perfectly nuanced; delicate and bell-like in the ballads and brimming in the heavier songs. The rhythm section was on point too with simple, solid drum work and supportive bass lines. If this performance is anything to go by, Lost Ragas’ new release is set to be a winner.