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Album Review: Loose Tooth - Keep Up

31 July 2018 | 12:24 pm | Keira Leonard

"It's broody, it's positive, it's soothing, it's uplifting and it's truly addictive."

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It's hard to keep up with the talent coming out from our shores recently, but Loose Tooth are certainly one to be the name on everyone's lips with the release of their debut record Keep Up.

As soon as opening track Keep On plays, it's clear we're in for a ripper of a record. It's hard to place Loose Tooth into a genre, but why would you want to? The influx of all three members' vocals is vastly different, and come together like a dream. It's broody, it's positive, it's soothing, it's uplifting and it's truly addictive. Asteroid hears Luc Dawson's vocals taking the lead, a prominent change from previous tracks; but far from out of place. Bad One is another highlight, beginning almost Dido-esque, the vocals between Etta Curry and Nellie Jackson are haunting, and as Dawson's voice and the introduction of brass comes into play, it's fire.

The stories throughout Keep Up are honest, playful and sometimes intense, fitting marvellously alongside fierce drum and bass combos, and ridiculously versatile vocal abilities. It's clear the three-piece have some serious chemistry, a chemistry that has created 11 magical tunes that you're inevitably going to want to bop along to.