Live Review: Leo Sayer, Sean Kemp

9 February 2015 | 3:19 pm | Alexander Robertson

Leo Sayer entertains in Adelaide.

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What’s better, a pop idol with a career spanning four decades or a packed Her Majesty’s Theatre? Both are about equal but when you bring them together you know you’re in for a very special evening. This is what happened last night with the almighty Leo Sayer.

To warm things up Sean Kemp graced the stage for a very short set, and though the anticipation for Leo was intense the crowd still made the local feel welcome. Backed up by nothing more than a second guitarist and back-up vocals, Sean was able to mix beautiful acoustic guitar sounds layered with fantastic harmonies from the group, blending together so well in the great-sounding theatre.

The moment had come for Leo Sayer to take the stage and the whole venue was electric with excitement, and he burst onto the stage with so much joy and enthusiasm that you could instantly see that Leo was in his element. With pants that look like they were stolen from Michael Keaton in the movie Beetlejuice and a thermos that had a liquid that he wasn’t sure about, Leo was ready to make the crowd get out of their seats and dance long into the night. Currently on an Australian tour for his new album, Restless Years, the UK pop star, now an Australian resident, still made sure the fans got to hear the classics, the applause he received after every song unbelievable because it sounded like it was for the last song of the night. What makes Leo Sayer an impressive act to see is not just his energy performing the songs that have won countless awards over his music career; it’s what happens between each song.

Using his UK wit, he becomes a comedian and a funny one at that, using the crowd’s remarks to his advantage to have everyone laughing and then just like that they’re clapping along to another one of his many hits. Entertainer better describes Leo’s performance because that’s what he does; he entertains everyone from the moment he steps on the stage till the moment the curtain drops, he gives 100 per cent to make his show a memorable one. This is why he’s a true pop star and modern-day musicians should look to follow in this man’s footsteps and entertain their fans like this as well. 

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