Live Review: Kitty, Daisy & Lewis, Ruby Boots

7 August 2015 | 4:00 pm | Shanae Gooley

"Kitty, Daisy & Lewis showcased unbelievable amounts of talent and passion for their music."

In the warm, welcoming atmosphere of the main room in Rosemount Hotel, soulful roots singer Ruby Boots kicked off this cold Wednesday night and serenaded the crowd with her strong-yet-peaceful voice. She seemed to be making friends with all of her supporters by interacting with the crowd in between each song. Describing the iconic venue as "her second lounge room" the public felt right at home with her.

Boots brought a sense of homeliness and friendliness to her gig, illustrating stories about southern Utah where she and her friend would name and write her song, The Middle Of Nowhere. With open arms and open soul she invited everyone in the room to let go and sincerely feel the music. Her lyrics connected with everybody, filling the overall environment with peacefulness and content.

On the outside stages, show-goers were able to pay just $5 to watch some local, smaller acts rock it out at the Rosie. Acts included Dennis Cormetti, High Priest and Shit Narnia.

A sudden influx of people rushed towards the doors for the main stage to secure a spot to see the UK's favourite three siblings Kitty, Daisy & Lewis take the stage in their five-piece live band configuration. It was a fantastic turnout for the last show of their Australian tour, with all ages enjoying their new songs and classics alike. The audience ranged from R&B and swing lovers to rockabillies and retirees. These siblings sure explored a diverse musical terrain and pleased almost everybody in the crowd along the way.

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To add to the groovy feel of the show, guest trumpeter Tan Tan, all the way from Jamaica, hopped up on stage to help the band bust out some sensational tunes. Tan Tan was interacting with everybody and getting the crowd instantly amped with his sheer talent and shouts of "HEEYYYY!!!" and "I love you!"

With an awkward re-tune of the guitars before breaking into the longest one-song encore ever, Kitty, Daisy & Lewis showcased unbelievable amounts of talent and passion for their music. They left the crowd satisfied, with grins on faces.