Album Review: Kim Salmon - My Script

14 March 2016 | 11:54 am | Ross Clelland

"Not all the experiments all work — but that's part of the charm."

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Just shy of 40 years from The Scientists, Kim Salmon has stylistically sprawled from The Darling Downs' Appalachian plaintiveness to revel in discordant noise.

My Script is making music from many garages. There's still the ramshackle element — one frequent instrumental credit is to old Dictaphone cassette players on loop. Opener Pathologise Me is reflectively looking for flaws in the bathroom mirror, but Salmon's wonderfully scattergun approach shows what he can cut, even from the same cloth: Already Turned Out Burned Out appears first as Pavement-esque stroll, then half-a-dozen tracks later as a raucous glam stomp. Of course not all the experiments all work — but that's part of the charm.