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An Evening With Kevin Smith

28 September 2015 | 12:42 pm | Daniel Cribb

"Perhaps the show's title no longer reflects two friends on a downward spiral into middle age, but rather the wisdom that comes with growing older."

With Kevin Smith dropping more than 35kgs since his last visit to Perth in 2012 and Jason Mewes five years and 83 days sober, the title of their live podcast/show, Jay & Silent Bob Get Old, seems a little less relevant.

Perhaps the show's title no longer reflects two friends on a downward spiral into middle age, but rather the wisdom that comes with growing older — and Smith had no shortage of wise words to impart.

"That's how high I am," Smith confessed as he eased into the show with a graphic retelling of the phone sex he had with his wife that afternoon.

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That set the tone for the first half of the evening, before "Mr Knuckle Head", aka Mewes, kicked things up a notch with a visual reenactment of a past love affair that resulted in cringe-fuelled laughs.

After Smith stepped back from filmmaking for a brief period, 2014's horror comedy Tusk reignited his passion for craft, and fans were treated to a reading from follow-up film Moose Jaws, which is essentially a play-by-play parody of Jaws, but with a killer moose.

The Jay & Silent Bob podcast was initiated to keep to keep Mewes off the drugs five years ago. Mewes dug up an old journal he kept during rehab, which read like a poorly-written, corny Kiss lyric, before he got the opportunity to redeem himself with a little game called Let Us Fuck, the "ham fisted" sex moves of which he wrote.

Three punters were dragged on stage and preceded to act out the made-up positions with Mewes. Smith preached the ease of starting your own podcast throughout the set, and if you needed any more proof that anyone and anything can score broadcasting rights, look no further than the "Deep Anal Incision At The Old Fremantle Prison" segment of Let Us Fuck.

The show's second half was a Q&A with the main man, but probably should have been labelled the Answer section, as Smith led with a disclaimer he would likely only get through two questions an hour. The first punters welcomed him to Perth, which sparked a 30-minute rant that had the audience eating out of the palm of his hand. He managed to smash his record and get through six questions, detailing his weight loss, and urging punters to follow their dreams in a motivational speech-like manner, while also hating on Bruce Willis, declaring his love to Johnny Depp and more.

"I understand, I get it," he said as the stage lights kept dimming as a wrap up sign, but before he left, Smith promised a return next year with his Hollywood Babble-On podcast.