Live Review: Kamasi Washington

23 March 2016 | 2:02 pm | Brad Summers

"This is going to be the last time we ever see Washington in such an intimate venue."

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Is it possible that Jazz could finally stream into the ears of the "Y" generation? If Kamasi Washington has anything to do with it, then the simple answer is a huge YES! 

There's a diverse mix of people in attendance. One side of the room seems to be populated by fans that discovered Washington via Kendrick Lamar's To Pimp A Butterfly with the other side comprised of dedicated jazz enthusiasts.

Once Washington walks on stage, though, the entire crowd embraces what we already know: this is going to be the last time we ever see Washington in such an intimate venue. And although The Prince may not be known for its jazz shows tonight is about more than just jazz. So let's get this straight, this show isn't just about The Epic. This show showcases the ridiculous talent that brought The Epic together. Not seeming to be one to want to showcase his own material, Washington gives the rest of the musicians onstage their moment in the spotlight, from bassist Miles Mosley all the way through to the incredible vocal talents of Patrice Quinn. Washington and co play songs from what could arguably be the best jazz album of the past ten years including The Rhythm Changes and Askim.

This show isn't about Washington; it's about everyone who influenced Washington and everyone that played on his album. But, first and foremost, it's about music - nothing more, and nothing less.