Album Review: JuliaWhy? - Wheel

21 April 2015 | 9:23 am | Brendan Telford

"Devilish punk that’s easy to spit out and swallow"

The urgency with which the jangling guitars propel opening track, Turntable, out of the speakers is the clearest indication that JuliaWhy? aren’t as interested in scene placement as many of their Sydney compatriots.

Hovering somewhere between Speedy Ortiz, Electrelane, The Breeders and Perfect Pussy, Wheel is a force of meticulous yet combustible kinetic energy, taking in tearing angst (Painkiller), jangling feverish pop (La La Love, Just One Night) and pastoral garage psych (Flowers) in 18 breakneck minutes. Devilish punk that’s easy to spit out and swallow, Wheel is the first salvo of fun, frenetic fury.