Live Review: Julia Henning, Tim Moore, Maggie Rutgens

9 August 2014 | 12:06 am | Alexander Robertson

Julia Henning is armed with a beautifully diverse voice.

The album launch for Julia Henning’s debut album Fledgling has been an anticipated wait.

After the successful backing of her fans to help part-fund the album and start the process of making an incredible ten-track record. It is filled with passion and hard work, now to hit the road to show the nation this beauty.

Last minute ring-in after It’s A Hoax had to sadly pull out last minute, Maggie Rutjens equipped only with guitar and her beautiful voice took to the stage. Her songs being so honest and simple, yet the way the lyrics are written and preformed adds such depth. Also the stories that are told prior to each song add something special. Included to the list of original songs, a cover of You Are My Sunshine.

Tim Moore is such a peaceful and humbling musician — he  portrays this on and off stage - but it is his melodies and lyrics that shine through. Supported with backing vocals from Rutjens, in some songs there is an addition of percussion and another guitar. Having these additions helps but if they weren’t there it wouldn’t hinder any of the songs.

Added to the set list was a very impressive version of la Roux's Bulletproof.

Homegrown here in South Australia the singer-songwriter Julia Henning has had quite a lot of success for an independent artist, which is no real surprise once she starts to sing. Armed with a beautifully diverse voice that helps add variation and interest there is also her super team of musicians making it so enjoyable to watch. Instead of having just a singer with either sample tracks or a band off in the shadows, the addition of a band that all plays together and feeds off each other is a joy. Added to the set list was a very impressive version of la Roux's Bulletproof, but of course the reason everyone was there was to hear songs from the album including the first single Tempest.

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Rounding out the night with title track Fledgling it seemed it was going to end, but Henning and company were called back for one last song. Choosing to play a new song, unfamiliar to audiences, that we wanted to stay around to hear it through is proof of how well the band work together.