Album Review: John Butler - Tin Shed Tales

5 June 2012 | 8:49 am | Mitchell Evans

The live aspect of Tin Shed Tales actively captures the musical radiance and talent of the artist.

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One can't help but notice the resemblance between John Butler's political and socially-charged lyrics and that of Bob Dylan's most famed socially uplifting songs. The Tin Shed Tales album is a live encompassment of John Butler's musical triumphs, from his already well-known tracks to the inclusions of new numbers such as Kimberley, that embody the political and social issues of Australia and beyond.

Tin Shed Tales is a collaboration of live recordings from John Butler's musical performances within Western Australia, taking some of his best performances and combining them to create a personal album-sized 'show'. Almost every song on the album is given a short introduction, Butler explaining the origins and meanings behind it. The interludes create a personal one on one connection with the listener, and it is this aspect of Tin Shed Tales that differentiates it from other live albums. Just listening to John Butler as he captivates you with stories and tales is reward enough here, and fans will find themselves listening deeper and deeper to the lyrics and harmonic sounds of the guitar and banjo. Butler's charm and swagger seeps through, caressing you to laugh and smile even more with the blissful acoustic rhythm.

The stories allow a deeper connection with John Butler as you find yourself deciphering the lyrics whilst tapping your feet. The live aspect of Tin Shed Tales actively captures the musical radiance and talent of the artist as you become entranced by the incredible solos and Butler's musical prowess on multiple instruments in an uplifting blues and roots fashion. Good tales in this shed, for sure.