Live Review: I OH YOU/FasterLouder ARIA Week Showcase: Palms, DZ Deathrays

28 November 2013 | 1:02 pm | Timothy Scarfe

What’s awesome about seeing a DZ set is that it always seems fresh; like you are seeing the boys play their first ever gig.

In case you didn't know, Australia's favourite DIY party starters – the guys at I OH YOU – now have their own record label. And it isn't just your run of the mill, I have some spare time on my hands kind of record label. It's brimming with some of Australia's brightest rising stars, with the likes of Bleeding Knees Club, City Calm Down and Snakadaktal all ohing (sorry…) their rise to the reformed party boys.

So it seemed fitting Australia's newest taste makers, who kicked off their music ways in their own flat, decided to turn their ARIA soirée into one giant house party. And true to form, some of the nation's favourite acts were on hand to get the party started.

Local lads Palms were first off and played a killer set showcasing tracks from their debut album Step Brothers. Of course Alex Grigg and co. are no newcomers to the Sydney music scene, having groomed their musical chops across much loved bands including Red Riders and Straight Arrows. So to say they have their sound down pat, even with their guitarist suffering from a bout of broken wrist, is an understatement.

The band's rubbery hooks and rising basslines immediately whipped the crowd into a frenzy, with This Last Year and Summer Is Done With Us perfectly showcasing the band's knack for slow burning verses and crashing choruses. Grigg's pitch-perfect lyrics have lost none of their appeal, and the set served as a reminder to anyone who let the release of their debut album pass them by.

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Closing out the live portion of the party were I OH YOU's own DZ Deathrays who crashed the stage and played a raucous set featuring tunes from their much loved debut Bloodstreams, as well as some yet to be released material. What's awesome about seeing a DZ set is that it always seems fresh; like you are seeing the boys play their first ever gig.

And tonight was no different, with the boys grabbing the crowd by their trendy shot sleeve button ups and dragging them through 40 minutes fuzz, squal and tightly wound riffs. Crowd favourites Gebbie Street and Dollar Chills set The Standard alight, while new track Northern Lights showed off a more restrained, melody driven slant. There's no doubt these lad's second record will be chock filled of killer tunes, as well as plenty of mosh pit inducing moments.

While still unapologetically loud, the new material did showcase a more melodic leaning. The fuzz and rising racing riffs always masked some of the anger in Shane Parson's lyrics, and on first listen the boys may be pushing this angst to the fore, albeit in a way which pays tribute to their DIY rock ethos.