Live Review: Halestorm @ Enmore Theatre

7 February 2023 | 2:17 pm | Courtney Kynaston
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Halestorm are back for the first time since 2019, and they put on a show of a lifetime.

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As the lights dim in the Enmore Theatre, the crowd cheers and Theory of a Deadman take to the stage. Performing a dozen songs the crowd knows, including Angel and a cover of Wicked Game by Chris Isaak, the audience relishes in their unique sound. If people in the room weren’t familiar with them, they were walking away as new fans.

The audience got more than just the show from the opening act, with the frontman Tyler Connolly tossing out numerous guitar picks and towels to the crowd.

Lzzy Hale's vocals hit the crowd with undeniable power as a "Halestorm" chant fills the room. The atmosphere was thick with excitement as Back From The Dead began, and the audience let out the night's biggest cheer.

Halestorm always impresses with their live performance, and the band captivates the crowd as their live sound continues to match their recordings.

This is the band’s first tour since 2019, and the crowd celebrate with Hale as she thanks the audience for being patient and keeping the flame lit so they could return.

With each song, the band's chemistry becomes more evident, with the band members moving together and engaging the crowd before them. The strength of Hale's vocals moves through each person as she belts out anthem after anthem. Her talent is undeniable while singing I Get Off and Brightside, two tracks that highlight the diverse range of her vocals.

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Shifting to the power ballad Mine, the crowd moves in perfect rhythm. The band leaves the stage, and Hale sits behind her keyboard, taking a moment to appreciate all long-time fans, new fans, and people she recognised travelling on tour with them. Her emotions show as she expresses how connected she feels to the strong community of their fanbase.

Break In captivates the audience as Hale's voice fills the room once again. With a shoutout to her ladies, she begins Dear Daughter, a raw and powerful song that highlights how supportive she is of seeing women rise.

The husky, rough sound to Hale's vocals really stands out during Raise Your Horns as she didn’t miss a note or falter. The band returns to the stage, coming in partway through Familiar Taste Of Poison, emphasising the individuality and rawness that each band member brings to their tracks and the live show.

Arejay Halethe band's drummer, starts his solo, demonstrating his skill that makes jaws drop. It was evident just how much fun he was having, playing with the crowd's reactions akin to Freddie Mercury. As the band returned to the stage, it was hard to miss the pride in Hale's voice as she announced, “give it up for my little brother Arejay.”

As the set wraps up, the band continues with their greatest hits, playing Freak Like Me, Black Vultures and The Steeple, each re-instating the strength of Hale's vocals and the depth of the music. The crowd continues to sing along to every word.

Knowing the audience wasn’t ready for the show to be over, Halestorm started playing, Here’s To Us as an encore, which felt like a celebration between an artist and their fans. Ending the show on two big hits, Mayhem and I Miss The Misery, the energy felt thick and genuine, and it allowed fans a chance to celebrate a band they adore.

Halestorm gave absolutely everything to their fans at the Enmore on Saturday night, and everyone eagerly awaits their return.