Live Review: Gyroscope, The Love Junkies, Graphic Characters

23 December 2014 | 10:22 am | Alexander Robertson

Gyroscope remain as relevant as ever in Adelaide.

It seemed that the best of Perth was at the Uni Bar this fine Friday evening.

As the eager patrons climbed the stairs and piled into the venue, Graphic Characters got started with a bang. Unfortunately there weren’t many taking notice, which was a silly mistake – they played as if they’d been playing together for years.

The Love Junkies on the other hand did have more of a crowd when they started and by the end of the first song they had the attention of pretty much everyone.

These three guys commanded the stage and you couldn’t help but be pulled in. There was a mix of angst and love of music not seen in a lot of musicians and it’s no wonder Nirvana are an inspiration. Just save time and check them out live – you’ll be a happier person for it.

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It’s been ten years since Sound Shattering Sound, and in that ten years bands have come and gone and there have been many changes in the popularity of various music genres. Yet Gyroscope remain relevant and, most importantly, they’re still true to how they played ten years ago. This has to be the reason they’ve sold out this entire tour.

On stage they play like it’s their first show, trying to round up new fans in any way possible, and the best way to do that is to get in the crowd with everyone, which exactly what Daniel Sanders did. It hadn’t even been one song and he showed that the reason they were on the stage was for every sweaty person in that room. What’s great about the Uni Bar is it tells you if the crowd is enjoying the band and this night it was screaming back with a definitive yes. The walls and floor were jumping up and down to the rhythm of the moving crowd and this doesn’t happen unless everyone is getting into it. By the end of it all the band and the patrons had added another special memory they’ll share together for quite some time.