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Album Review: GRAACE - Self Sabotage

25 October 2018 | 12:05 pm | Keira Leonard

"It’s almost like we’re listening to something we shouldn’t be."


We have a feeling Grace Pitts, recently rebranded as GRAACE, is well on the way to major stardom with the release of Self Sabotage. On top of striking vocals, there is edge, spunk and an unashamedly honest lyrical style that holds strong throughout the EP.

Lying, rebounding, feeling regret, and making apologies; the likelihood you can’t relate to this record is slim. But this isn’t your average electronic-pop record. It’s pop, at its funnest, saddest and finest.

Although it's hard to pinpoint any certain track that should be deemed worthier than another, Spoken Word is perhaps the most noteworthy. Backed up by the slight strum of a guitar and the sound of rain, it’s a far different sound than the previous pop-driven tracks. GRAACE speaks (and at times sings, or cries) in a way that's so raw, devastating and intimate that it’s almost like we’re listening to something we shouldn’t be.

With five songs that ought to be instant pop hits and the poignant ending at track six which brings the pain of the entire album’s lyricism to the forefront, there is very little doubt in our mind that this EP will be just the start of a huge career for GRAACE.