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Live Review: Good Morning, Elizabeth, Dark Water, Poppongene, 808s & Greatest Hits

4 July 2019 | 3:11 pm | Hayley Tjon-Aloi

"They jump in immediately, their beachy sound taking us somewhere warm and sunny."

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With Fitzroy bar Perseverance as the backdrop, local music enthusiasts get to experience a dynamic collaboration between record label Our Golden Friend and CHANGES Music Summit & Festival. The music conference highlights Melbourne’s flourishing music scene and tonight's showcase brings Our Golden Friend label mates together for an exciting night of camaraderie.

The psychedelic rock scene appears to be ever-growing in Melbourne, with bands like 808s & Greatest Hits delivering '80s synths and groovy bass lines. We are given a taste of the main event with Poppongene’s beach-rock sound, but Sophie Treloar's stately, conversational lyrics, combined with her dreamy voice, are what really grips the audience, which has now begun to grow around the stage. Following her are Dark Water, who play moodier, darkwave-inspired '80s pop, and finish with a cover of Bronski Beat’s Smalltown Boy. 

In a similarly quick fashion to the acts before her, Elizabeth takes the stage with two bandmates. Her ethereal voice envelops the crowd, everyone swaying to each soulful ballad, the painful lyrics resonating with those listening with their eyes closed. Between songs there are roars of applause and cheers she bashfully thanks us for. She closes with a heart-wrenching piano ballad, which the crowd appears to soak right up.

Good Morning take the stage, all members smiling from ear to ear. They jump in immediately, their beachy sound taking us somewhere warm and sunny. Their happy, indie-pop ballads are juxtaposed with grim lyrics like “I'm on the way to destruction over here/But you know what that's like, right?” in Blue Tick.

Upon noticing a sign on the wall stating “Let’s Get Weird”, Liam Parsons prompts the crowd to follow suit, yelling, “Let’s get weird, mo’fuckas!” The two frontmen, Parsons and Stefan Blair, take turns singing each song, keeping up the excited energy harnessed from the beginning. These guys aren’t here to play a serious show, they’re here to share a good time. During the set the keyboard appears to fall on the ground. This doesn’t seem to phase Blair who lies on two stools with his arms dangling down to play, prompting roaring laughter from both crowd and bandmates. It’s clear the goal tonight is to have as much fun as possible, each member exchanging smiles with each other throughout the set. 

If this show is any indication of the growth and promise in the current Melbourne music scene, there aren't any signs it's slowing down.

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