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Live Review: Good Doogs, FLOSSY, Duck Teeth

1 July 2019 | 12:11 pm | Glenn Symmons

"[H]igh energy, coupled with a fun-at-any-cost attitude."

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Live at a packed-out Jack Rabbit Slim’s in Northbridge on Saturday, the skate-surf-punk Mandurah natives, Good Doogs, put on a show for their amped local fans. 

Four-piece opener Duck Teeth warmed the crowd up with their brand of soft, melodic punk. They’re relatively new on the scene, but that didn’t stop them from filling out the floor before FLOSSY took the vibe of the club up another level. Gaining a reputation here in Perth, the sister duo had fans shouting their lyrics back at them. 

With a devoted hometown fanbase, Good Doogs took to the stage. Backed by the quintessential fluorescent Jack Rabbit lighting, the set began with Sinking Fourties. The pounding drums, scratchy-yet-catchy melodic guitar and Aussie-summertime punk vocals pushed the crowd over the edge, making everyone feel as though summer was right around the corner.

Crowd favourites such as Want That, So Dumb, Sharks, How I Feel and the namesake of the tour, Nobody/Alone, sent the sold-out venue into overdrive as fans created a fast and sweaty mosh pit. 

Good Doogs' close relationship with each other made for a tight set, which relied on their confident stage presence. Their coordinated presence signalled that, as musicians and performers, the group had levelled up. 

The band's high energy, coupled with a fun-at-any-cost attitude, made for a big night. Unsurprising, as they’re reaching larger audiences through more airplay, larger-scale gigs and just more time performing together. 

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