Live Review: Glass Towers, Stillwater Giants, Foam

12 August 2013 | 7:17 pm | Athina Mallis

"Glass Towers have had a monumental effect upon their fans."

The Newport wasn't even one-third full when FOAM went on stage but somehow every patron in the bar became involved in their performance. They all looked like they were from a hair band yet once they strummed their guitars indie rock began to emerge from their instruments. FOAM played eight songs for the near empty room but that didn't stop them from showing the audience what this three-piece garage band could do. FOAM got us in the mood for what was to come later in the night from Stillwater Giants and Glass Towers.

When Stillwater Giants performed, the audience was slowly expanding and moving towards the stage. These boys are from WA and they've been around for a while supporting acts and making appearances at festivals such as this year's Southbound. One of the guitarists warned us about their antics the previous night so they were “a little bit hung over”, which put us all at ease. They were having fun, being barefoot and not giving a damn, and were mucking around with each other while performing. It was if they were rehearsing in their garage.

Once Stillwater Giants left the stage, the anticipation for Glass Towers grew. As soon as they hopped on stage the crowd went from human beings to crazed music fans. The band opened with Lust For Life and went on to play In This City. Their third song was Jumanji and was explained as being about “having amazing sex”. After a couple more songs by the band the lead singer Ben told the audience they all seemed “sad”, but once the next song, Foreign Time, was played they changed their attitude and began to act as members of a crowd rather than a funeral procession. The last two songs, Tonight and Halcyon, were played and no one was standing still; these were the two songs people came down to listen to. Everyone was reciting the lyrics as if it was their own words, proving that Glass Towers have had a monumental effect upon their fans.