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Album Review: Georgia - Georgia

18 August 2015 | 11:18 am | James d'Apice

"This sounds like the music aliens dance to."

More Georgia More Georgia

On first listen, our host's aggressively atonal delivery seems to owe a debt to MIA that can never be repaid. Nasal, and confined by a very narrow range, it's a surprise to hear Georgia use words other than "bamboo" and "banger".

A minute-and-a-half into Move Systems we're transported. A gentle, wobbly voice reaches for, and attains, heights beyond mere mimicry. Digits is woozy and haunting. Georgia is otherworldly stuff. As we plug in our headphones we are transported. These bleeps and bloops, these disorienting rhythms; this sounds like the music aliens dance to. Exquisite.