Album Review: Fraser A Gorman - Easy Dazy

12 July 2018 | 11:48 am | Ross Clelland

"'Easy Dazy' could be Gorman finding his own style, and that's something to enjoy."

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The stovepipe suits and permanent sunglasses of 1966 Dylan have been superseded by a more relaxed and conversational style - but while Fraser Gorman's songwriting is maybe a sturdier thing now, there's still some quirk.

And he knows his history. Lyrics can come with a Go-Betweens-like twist ("Are you throwing up your guts in the gutter of love?"), while more rockish moments such as The World Sure Looks Dark (Through These Sunglasses) have a Kelly-ish tint - either Paul or Dan. Even more overtly, there's a couple of fan nods to the venerable combo of Tex, Don & Charlie: intro to album opener My Own Sunshine features what sounds like a snatch of their What I Done To Her - fitting with this record's recurring theme of relationships lost, or at least pending. New England even twists a phrase from TD&C's Paycheques as their "If Friday's for funerals " leads to Gorman's weary "Sunday's meant for feeling thin".

Overall, the music has a richer tone. Brass and/or organ sometimes sneaks in then fades away. A chorus of female backing vocals are partners viewed from various distances - or maybe just a conscience. Easy Dazy could be Gorman finding his own style, and that's something to enjoy.