Live Review: Exit Strategy, Rezadent, Nuggy Gee, Grime Connoisseurs, Pauly B

22 February 2016 | 1:35 pm | Rip Nicholson

"While the bar is slow and moody at best, the venue once again proves worthy for a raucous show-out of boom-bap."

Down in South Brisbane's Milk Factory at Exit Strategy's album launch, Bris Vegas' hip hop truest swarm a small corner of the venue tonight for Seventh Dimension.

Hosted by VC Clothing's own Bionic with Pauly B working the wheels, MCs Truth One and Direct from Grime Connoisseurs deliver just as it says on the label in round one of tonight's shoot-out. Nuggy Gee guests on For The Raw Remix and as usual his vocals play boss across the mic, owning it again not long after winning the full attention of a hundred deep, head-nodding to stand-out Day 2 Day Thing before hosting an impromptu freestyle sesh. Then vet MC Rezadent takes back a tight grip of the reins, spitting out a catalogue as far back as The Way Of The Intercepting Fist EP with beat work provided by Sammsonite and Crate Creeps alongside a swag of new readies with cohort and producer Meek Starkiller to a half-filled room.

Drink, smoke one, and return to the sweatbox for Exit Strategy to headline the night, The Ill Few's MCs Elaborate and Audacity, with producer Insideus, peel off the duration of Seventh Dimension in unrelenting shots ringing out for the longest set they've accomplished yet. Dwizofoz makes a grand appearance, fresh off a support role for Kerser at Eaton Hills, representing 469, to unload his verse on Web Of Lies, showing no half-measures when he's on the job. As Exit Strategy wraps up before midnight, the highlight rides out when Brisbane's own Nate Dogg joins the crew on stage during Irrelevant to belt out the hook on Strategy — the lingering note that sings into Sunday morning. While the bar is slow and moody at best, the venue once again proves worthy for a raucous show-out of boom-bap.