Eric Andre

8 December 2016 | 12:36 pm | Joe Dolan

"Andre buries keen and hilarious observations in a seemingly bottomless pit of lunacy."

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Melbourne's Comic's Lounge has boasted the widest variety of comedians imaginable in its illustrious past, and now it can add two more comedy heavyweights to the roll call of luminaries who have graced its stage. Headlining the bill, Eric Andre's insane, anarchic energy shadows some lacklustre preview night openers with intense power, revitalising the night beyond the thresholds of a star rating. Seriously, the man is a miracle worker.

It's difficult, even for the cult-like following that Andre commands, to know what to expect from his stand-up performance. However, the ride is all the more enjoyable for those who sit back and let the madness take over. From tangents on drug taking to recalling his years at music college, Andre buries keen and hilarious observations in a seemingly bottomless pit of lunacy. The LA-based comic quick fires a barrage of jokes and bits at his crowd, wildly powering through his set with wicked tenacity. His liveliness is made even more impressive when he reveals he is still extremely jet-lagged and unsure as to whether or not his references will hold water in Oz. He then eases any worry by demanding Silverchair songs and randomly interjecting with local colour like "Hungry Jack's".

Anyone looking for a night of chaotic and disorderly comedy need look no further. Andre has every surprise up his sleeve and then some when it comes to the ultimate showing of weird and wonderful. And if all that weren't enough, a surprise drop-in from Hannibal Buress ought to seal the deal.

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Eric Andre tours Melbourne and Sydney to 10 Dec.