Live Review: Emperors, Grim Fandango, Super Best Friends & The Sensitive Drunks

27 February 2013 | 12:08 pm | Agnes Gajic

By the time final track Ready When I Say Go was performed the whole place was heaving, head-banging and howling.

The Sensitive Drunks unfolded the evening and began their set at that unfortunate time when you can physically notice how filthy Amplifier Bar is. Contrary to the setting, their sound was neat and pretty. They were rolling off singles from a prolific back catalogue while vocalist Seb Guazzelli slumped casually with drink in one hand, other in his pocket. Perfect execution of '80s inspired, harmonic indie-pop-rock.

The Canberra-born band Super Best Friends travelled 3000 kilometres to join Emperors for a tiny WA tour. The hesitant crowd began to seep in during You Want It; their angsty pop-punk buzz was reminiscent of Children Collide. Introduction of synthetic keys was a surprising element which broadened their genre to something of a dance-punk set. SBF's tracks were key fuelled, sharp and punchy.

Grim Fandango was a treat. The Perth band could [ignorantly] be classified as hardcore but it was clear that their sound is influenced by divergent genres; some moments were catchy and poppy, others were thrashing and heavy – all of it was well polished, tight and seasoned. Main vocalist Tim Ware gently slipped in between screaming and melodic vocals, but the whole soiree was a multi-vocalist, solidly harmonised affair. Slower tracks were more emo, complex and composite, a diverse sound to say the least.

The appealing and memorable static of Emperors is homogenous with Jebediah, with some added edge, grunge and rock. A couple of new songs were played but their setlist predominantly comprised of tracks from debut album, Stay Frosty. Emperors know how to compose songs for those who are tempted to dabble in the world of punk and rock; they have nailed their songwriting formulae and their products are destined for instantaneous popularity. Seb Guazzelli graced the stage once more for We Are The Rain and a charming display of bromance shared with vocalist Adam Livingston. By the time final track Ready When I Say Go was performed the whole place was heaving, head-banging and howling.

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