Live Review: Didirri, Ro, Kat Edwards

17 November 2017 | 3:22 pm | Bree Chapman

"A cover of The Monkees' 'Randy Scouse Git' is the cherry on top of an already huge night."

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Kat Edwards explodes onto the stage with her huge, emotionally charged voice and deeply profound lyrics. The crowd is behind her during every track, dead silent and in awe. Just armed with her voice and an acoustic guitar, Edwards makes the room feel like a supremely chilled-out oasis and as punters lounge around on the floor you can tell they're enjoying the vibes.

When Ro hits the stage, there isn't a single thing about her that isn't eloquent and smooth. Ro's voice is a huge, mature presence and her sound is a unique take on alternative folk. Once Ro gets going, the crowd hush is notable. "How you going?" she giggles. The communal chuckle that follows is the first sound anyone has made. For the remainder of Ro's set, there's barely a phone in sight as all heads are tilted up in captivated amazement, cheering for more after every single song.

In no time, there is barely room to move on the floor as everyone tries to get closer to the front and bounces in anticipation. The curtain opens to reveal Didirri, drenched in an aura of ease and cool with his token shampoo ad-worthy hair flowing down behind him. Didirri opens with a cover of Joe Pug's Bury Me Far (From My Uniform). It's an epic and politically charged track that sets the tone of the night and brilliantly displays Didirri's masterful skill in both storytelling and performing. For the third time tonight, you could hear a pin drop in this crowd. Each song comes with a story, which Didirri tells before launching into the track. One song in particular gets a very special and enthusiastic response. "Some of you have heard this story before, but I'm gonna tell it anyway," Didirri says. It's a story about celebrating love and Didirri references the same-sex marriage survey result: "a very special day for Australia." It's a very moving moment and you can feel the happiness exuding from every fan in the room. At the merch stand you can purchase Didirri-brand tissues and you'll definitely make use of them tonight.

Now Didrri brings out his full band, which is a very special thing to see. The band sink their teeth into each new track and really let them take hold. A cover of The Monkees' Randy Scouse Git is the cherry on top of an already huge night. They take it and make it their own with a sultry, deep, bass hum and Didirri's strong, raspy voice. "We were supposed to end there, but it just doesn't feel fitting," Didirri shares. "So we aren't gonna bother with that encore stuff." And so he just keeps going, leaving us with a couple more of his folky tunes for overthinkers.

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