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Live Review: Cloud Control

9 April 2018 | 1:27 pm | Yaminah Willcox

"Everyone was off in their own little world enjoying the music."

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Since the release of Cloud Control's highly anticipated third album, Zone, last year, fans young and old have been craving live shows. The band have just released a new single, Panopticon, and to celebrate they are playing some special east coast shows.

Their performance at Northcote Social Club is nothing short of brilliant. When they take to the stage they already have quite the audience, some keen to chill out in a state of bliss while others are keen to have a dance. Their captivating sound keeps everyone engaged along with some friendly banter, saying how grateful they are to be there. A good mix of old and new songs are played, including tracks such as Gold Canary and Just For Now from their 2010 debut, Bliss Release, and tracks from their second album Dream Cave, such as Moonrabbit, Dojo Rising and The Smoke, The Feeling. 

The crowd are well behaved and respectful of one another's space, while also visibly enjoying themselves and having a good time. There was a really nice chilled-out vibe in the room, almost a calming presence while everyone was off in their own little world enjoying the music. When they played their newest pieces, such as Treetops, Rainbow City and of course Panopticon, the crowd showed them a lot of love, really getting into it and having a singalong. It is pretty safe to say it's never a bad time seeing Cloud Control, and this was no exception.