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Live Review: Ciara, Nylon, Jesslyn

2 March 2015 | 1:30 pm | Athina Mallis

The R&B pop singer performed all her classics for an eager Metropolis crowd.

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Metropolis was hit by a storm of hip hop wannabes, die hards and Nike free runs to see the glimpse of the R&B goddess that is Ciara.

The night started with the house DJ accompanied by an MC, DT. Whenever there wasn’t an act on stage the duo would play the usual clubbing R&B hits. The best part about these DJ sets was DT getting out on the stage and rapping every second word to the songs; he was definitely pretending he was Trey Songz on that stage.

Jesslyn was the first on the stage and it was a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it act. She covered Drake’s Hold On, We’re Going Home and Bey’s Drunk In Love. She looked like a mini Ciara.

Out of nowhere a dance crew called Fire Dance Crew jumped up onto stage and started to pop and lock like crazy but more people were into the songs than the actual dancers themselves. This seemed more like a hip hop variety night than anything else.

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Nylon, a five-person girl group (where only one girl really sang the whole time) performed a medley of, once again, R&B hits. Good choreography but nothing jaw-dropping. Before Ciara came on, dancers hyped up the crowd; it went on for over 30 minutes and the crowd was getting bored. The worst part was when the MC went to say something we all thought she was coming on, but no, it was his new Kanye impression.

After the world’s longest wait Ciara appeared on stage and an immediate sea of screens lifted towards her. She had dark hair and a pretty simple black slip dress; I think most people were expecting something more extravagant and revealing. She opened with Missy Elliot’s Lose Control and sung bits and pieces of the song. She performed her more recognised hits during the short set, such as Goodies, Oh and 1, 2 Step. Whenever she chatted to the audience she spoke about the love of her fans and how crazy Perth is – please, Ciara, we’ve heard this all before. Ciara definitely knows how to work a crowd and to make them scream for her. There are rumours of a national tour with real production value so let’s cross our fingers it has more than just a black slip dress involved.