Live Review: Chris Cornell, Dave Leaupepe

14 December 2015 | 1:23 pm | Beck

"The depth of feeling intoned in a single, quiet growl is enough to bring a hard man to tears."

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Gang Of Youths lead singer, Dave Leaupepe took to the stage with more than a little wonder and awe of his surroundings. Plus his mum was in the audience. That can't be easy. He's got a wonderful voice, really powerful with a lovely tone. He can write a song. He's funny even when nervous. Nice turn of phrase. However, some subtlety would be nice. Some simplicity. Sometimes less is so much more.

Chris Cornell is a whole other combination of light and shade. With a catalogue of songs from a career spanning 30 years, give or take, behind him, he treated the audience to songs from Soundgarden, Temple Of The Dog, the Singles soundtrack, his solo years, Audioslave, The Beatles, Prince, Led Zeppelin and Bob Dylan.

There's not many who can reinterpret a song the way Cornell can. If you can find his reworded version of Bob Dylan's The Times They Are A-Changin' on www something or other, it's well worth having a look at and that's coming from someone who dislikes Dylan.

It may have been the Concert Hall of the Sydney Opera House, but it could've been a Louisiana juke joint in the early 1930s and it would've been just as good. Maybe, just maybe, even a little better. Cornell's voice is laced with passion and grit, soul and fury. The depth of feeling intoned in a single, quiet growl is enough to bring a hard man to tears. And it all seems so effortless. From Can't Change Me and Fell On Black Days to a cover of Billie Jean and an extraordinary fusion of One — lyrics by Metallica, music by U2 — Cornell was extraordinary.

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The addition of Bryan Gibson on cello for Black Hole Sun and Josephine among others, added some wonderful depth to an already sublime acoustic experience.

Regardless of which part of his vast career you love the best, next time Cornell's in town, look him up. You won't be disappointed.