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Live Review: Brodinski, Gener8tion, Jensen Interceptor

14 May 2015 | 4:31 pm | Tanya Bonnie Rae

"One of the most enjoyable aspects of Brodinski’s set was watching him appreciate and indulge in his own music"

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The crowd was slow to seep in for Jensen Interceptor, Motorik’s own homegrown techno icon, who played obscure, minimalistic, self-professed “‘80s prom beat and sci-fi techno” until close to midnight, dabbling in some trap beats towards the end of his set. 

Gener8tion hopped on the decks for the next hour and won the audience over with complete confidence and ease. Signed to Brodinski’s Bromance Records, he released his album, The New International Sound, in November last year and has maintained enigma status since. Towards the end of his set, the man of the night himself, Brodinski made several swift appearances on stage, smiling and bopping about enthusiastically in the background, egging the crowd on from behind the scenes. 

It was a few minutes after 1am when French DJ/producer Brodinski kicked off his set with tracks off his debut LP, Brava. Spinning Need For Speed and Hector on the decks, he left Sydney’s techno heads frothing at the mouth from his first track. Known for his unusual quirky blend of hip hop, trap and dark French techno, he managed to pull off his style for the majority of his set, but the hip hop breaks had a tendency to stop people from fist-pumping and dancing in their tracks, forced to awkwardly bend and arch over to the slower, heavier hip hop beats. 

Brodinski played a remix of Dubfire’s Exit, the first track off his album, Can’t Help Myself, and then Gesaffelstein’s awe-inspiring Control Movement, which had everyone cheering, woo-ing and waving arms about in the air. One of the most enjoyable aspects of Brodinski’s set was watching him appreciate and indulge in his own music, and while he may have (only slightly) dropped the ball with the hip hop tonight, his European club-ready techno tracks more than made up for it. 

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