Album Review: Brightness – Brightness

22 October 2019 | 3:01 pm | Katie Livingston

"[B]y no means a flashy dance album."

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Brightness' (aka Alex Knight's) new self-titled album is jam-packed with nine dreamy indie hits. It’s by no means a flashy dance album, but Brightness’ slow rhythmic bass lines will get you swaying. While many of the tracks vary in tone, they all maintain a similar feel and complement each other well.

Knight dabbles with a variety of instruments throughout this album – although a lot of the guitar is fairly bland, the drums and bass really stand out. It's clear that rhythm is where Knight’s expertise lies. 

The first few tracks, in particular Dallas and Old Crow, are quite upbeat, whereas some of the later ones are almost eerie. This is brought out even more by Knight's unique voice, which stretches and scrapes over notes, adding a raw and intimate feeling to his songs. Tracks like Feathers, where the lyrics aren’t overpowered by Knight’s husky vocals, really showcase some brilliant songwriting.