Album Review: Boydos – It's Alright, Look At Me I'm Young

6 November 2019 | 9:00 am | Katie Livingston

"It’s rambling, reckless, and utterly addictive."

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Boydos’ debut album It’s Alright, Look At Me I’m Young is a bold and catchy example of some of NSW's finest indie-rock. It’s the perfect blend of emotional turmoil and black humour. Boydos’ lyrics tackle some heavy stuff, from career anxiety in I Get Nervous to internet sex in Left Hand, but a sprinkling of deadpan humour gives character to his lyrics and adds layers to his songwriting.

There’s a real atmosphere to his music and it’s hard not to be drawn in by Boydos’ rich vocals and heavy rhythms. It’s a little bit Hozier and a little bit Arctic Monkeys, mashed together with Boydos’ unique touch. Each song has its own style; some tracks are more relaxed, whereas others are deep and bluesy. This variety stands out especially in Stoned, which cycles between cruisy beats and soulful despair.

It’s Alright, Look At Me I’m Young is the kind of album that hooks you by the hips and gets you swaying before you even know what’s hit you. It’s rambling, reckless, and utterly addictive.