Live Review: Borns, The Moses Gunn Collective

8 January 2016 | 12:37 pm | Sara Tamim

"Borns fully captivated every soul in the sold out venue."

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Support act The Moses Gunn Collective thrilled the audience from the get-go with their flamboyant frills, flared pants and fascinating musical niche. The band appeared to harness this image as they ploughed through a seamless set. Moses Gunn Collective kept the mood of the set upbeat with their glittering '70s vibes and groovy dance moves. Their tune Shalala was the clear standout as the quick tempo build-up visibly enthralled the crowd, their musical dynamic appearing flawless.

When Borns (aka Garrett Borns) and his band entered the cosy Newtown Social Club stage a sense of ambience filled the small room with soft but buzzing synth sounds, identical to the intro of set opener Dug My Heart. The sound quality was unbelievable, the keyboard clear and quirky, his voice smooth and sliding. The band then flowed into his first single and hit, 10,000 Emerald Pools, which encouraged a loud singalong from the crowd, accompanying his sultry yet glitzy pitch-perfect vocal. Overnight Sensation created a sonic burst of energy as it glowed with the ingredients for a true pop hit. In order to strip the music back for the poignant tune Clouds, the band left Borns and his hypnotic essence on stage with only one other guitarist. Borns managed to mesmerise the crowd with each note and lyric, performed immaculately, proving his album is just a preview of the extensive talent he has to offer. As the bass riff began to play for his most popular hit, Electric Love, the floor of the venue began to shake with joyous leaps and the boom of moving feet, punters ready to dance. Featuring a cheeky cover of Benny And The Jets, this elongated version of the Electric Love was filled with anticipation and resolution (and plenty of sing/scream-alongs). This really made for a magical moment, as Borns fully captivated every soul in the sold out venue.