Album Review: Borderland - 'Theme Songs For A Bluffington Basement Show'

9 August 2010 | 1:56 am | Staff Writer
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Short, but very sweet.

Borderland didn’t really have me hooked with their 2009 EP “Sucks”, but fast forward to 2010 after the release of their new EP “Theme Songs For A Bluffington Basement Show”, the tides have definitely turned for the Massachusetts five-piece.

The new four track EP was released by up and coming Pennsylvanian based label Either/Or Records, home to other great bands such as Settle For Less, Maker, Homelife and others. This label seems to be switched on when it comes to pop punk, so it is worth keeping your eye on what they are releasing.

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Produced by Jay Maas (Transit, Verse, Carpathian), the EP flies through and clocks in at eight and a half minutes long. The perfect thing about the EP being so short is that the release is awesome from start to finish, avoiding any boring parts and not making any room for any bullshit.

These Streets Lead Nowhere” starts off with a slow, relaxed intro before the whole band fires up and the tempo is put on the accelerator, which doesn’t let down until the EP has finished. The following track “Confidence, Cohen” is my personal favourite track on the release. The track is catchier and more straightforward than the previous track, reminding me of the likes of Title Fight and even at times fellow Massachusetts residents Transit. “C.B” is the most poppy sounding track on the EP, and pushes vocalist Brian McKenna further than heard on the previous two tracks. The gang vocals towards the end of the song are sure to be some listener’s cup of tea. The EP’s closing track “Robbie” is by far the most aggressive track the band has penned to date, with the lyrics being an interesting read. The line “You’re already dead and we’re still making history” is one that will be stuck in your head long after the EP has finished playing.

It would have been great if the release contained a few more tracks, but all this does is create more excitement for the band’s album to be released. The band has two newer tracks recorded after this release on their bandcamp that you can download for free.

"Theme Songs For A Bluffington Basement Show” is evidence that Borderland have what it takes to be one of the better bands in the genre at this very moment. If the band can follow up this EP with an album of similar quality, exciting things will happen for this band.

1. These Streets Lead Nowhere

2. Confidence, Cohen

3. C.B.

4. Robbie