Album Review: Bones Bag - 'The Show'

13 April 2011 | 11:25 am | Staff Writer
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Attitude filled punk rock for good times.

Italian punk rock anyone? Come on, give it a try, it’s just as good as regular punk rock, promise.

Bones Bag are a five piece Italian punk band who began in 2008 and toured heavily around Europe after the release of their first EP called ‘Wild Time.’ Now the band has released their debut full length ‘The Show,’ which is full of gritty punk rock tunes that are equal parts hateful and romantic.

After a quick, western influenced, instrumental the title track kick things off with vocalist Badfab’s harsh, bitter spit which is strengthen regularly by gang vocals from the rest of the band. One of the standouts is "Another Sin", a thumping, rock n’ roll good time, that makes you wish you were in some sweaty pub throwing your fist in the air while the band cranks out the fun, and guitar solos.

The bass driven beginning to "We Don’t Care" leads into a song that is reminiscent of early Offspring, with a little more punch, the guitar tones sound great throughout the entire record and are easily the strongest element. There are lighter, more poppier moments, such as "Punk Rock Disaster", that begins with happy chugging guitars and "woah-oh" chants during the chorus. Badfab's rancid style vocals always prevent things from becoming to mainstream and maintain that raw, gutter punk feel.

"Wild Time", from the band's first EP has been re-recorded and brought to a level of production that matches the rest of the album, which has been recorded very well sounding clear and strong without having too much sheen and keeping the garage band vibe.

The record ends with the appropriately titled "Time To Say Goodbye", a short, fast and bouncy number that finishes things off with one final burst of energy.

Although a little more variance would have been nice, this is a super fun debut for Bones Bag as it is full of pissed off punk rock attitude and musical talents capable of writing well thought out songs that are the perfect soundtrack for a drink and a good time.

1. Two Feet In Two Graves
2. The Show
3. Another Sin
4. More Dangerous
5. Your Charme
6. We Don’t Care
7. Evil Sad Session
8. Punk Rock Disaster
9. Wild Time
10. This Life
11. I Can’t Turn
12. Time To Say Goodbye