Album Review: Bombay Bicycle Club - Everything Else Has Gone Wrong

17 January 2020 | 10:25 am | Katie Livingston

"[A] dazzling electro-pop distraction from reality."

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Bombay Bicycle Club’s latest release is a dazzling electro-pop distraction from reality. While Everything Else Has Gone Wrong, the group's fifth studio album, has the same electronic flair as their previous LP, So Long, See You Tomorrow, Bombay Bicycle Club have once again shifted gear. 

For a start, this new release feels more organised. They still love to layer tracks and sound effects in their music, but it’s much less erratic and builds on the rhythm rather than distracts from it. But what is most exciting about the album is the upbeat indie-rock energy, reminiscent of the band’s early days, which mixes quite well with their new style.

The music seeks to overwhelm the outside world, and a lot of the tracks - like Get Up and Do You Feel Loved? - build to a soaring instrumental climax and hold you there for as long as possible. There are sombre undertones even these glittering party jams just can’t drown out, but that only inspires you to turn the music up a little more.