Album Review: The Big Moon - Walking Like We Do

10 January 2020 | 2:01 pm | Katie Livingston

"[F]luctuating between brooding grunge and carefree pop."

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There’s an undeniable optimism to The Big Moon’s confident latest album, Walking Like We Do.

The indie-rock quartet’s second LP gives off a similar punky, angsty vibe to their previous work, only this time there’s a calm, uplifting streak blended seamlessly into the music. Although their lyrics touch on some emotional stuff, they take care not to wallow in it, with many of the tracks fluctuating between brooding grunge and carefree pop.

There’s a real variety to Walking Like We Do. The album’s opener, It’s Easy Then, a chill and shimmering pop tune, is in stark contrast to later tracks, such as Don’t Think, which scoops you up into its wild euphoria. Tracks like Waves and ADHD start out slow and thoughtful, then build to an emotional climax. But all of these songs are linked by The Big Moon’s honest and endearing lyrics, which are a constant winner throughout the album.