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Album Review: Best Coast - Always Tomorrow

20 February 2020 | 9:01 am | Taylor Marshall

"[O]ne of Best Coast's best."

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There’s no translation barrier whatsoever when it comes to surfy indie-rock, and that’s what makes Best Coast’s new album, Always Tomorrow, as enjoyable and breezy for Australian fans as it would for their own LA locality. Different Light opens the album with fun, lightly fuzzed guitars before Everything Has Changed switches to '00s punk (ironically given its name).

For The First Time takes the album to what sounds like a lyrically personal place for Cosentino. Graceless Kids brings back the fuzz while the '00s style returns on Wreckage, Rollercoaster and Master Of My Own Mind.

True is a beautiful transitionary track; it's softer, more simplistically composed. Seeing Red and Make It Last reach an upbeat peak - the sound of taking out your board in blissful conditions. Used To Be closes the album on a grungier tone and ends what is truly one of Best Coast's best.