Album Review: Bec Stevens - Why Don't You Just

12 February 2019 | 1:06 pm | Keira Leonard

"The sounds and stories of Stevens are bigger and better than ever."

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Maybe it’s just us, but after having listened to Bec Stevens on repeat, alone, at midnight, with tears streaming down our face after having our heart ridiculously broken… now that things are better, we hear Stevens sing, “Girl, I’m so proud of you,” in Girl, and damn. We. Feel. It.

After almost ruining us with her debut EP More Scared Than Me in 2016 thanks to her gut-wrenching and intimate stories told through beautiful odes, Adelaide’s favourite sad girl is back. Throughout the years, Stevens' small collection of songs have resonated for the broken or lost whether it be through reflection or current devastation. Why Don’t You Just makes you feel like Stevens really has been there through every bit of your pain and she’s here to help put you back together again.

Ending on the morbidly romantic Fuck This Up, Stevens sings, "Darling, I can look you dead in the eye," which is the glow-up we all needed after hearing, "I can’t look them in the eye/So just leave me/Leave me behind," on the EP’s heartbreaking They Don’t Build Cars Like This Anymore.

With the help from her new band and a fresh record label, the sounds and stories of Stevens are bigger and better than ever. We’re thrilled for another rollercoaster year filled with her restorative sad songs.