Live Review: Bec Stevens, Ride The Tiger, ISLA KA, Lake Myer

16 April 2019 | 10:04 am | Keira Leonard

"It was pure magic."

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Five-piece Lake Myer absolutely nailed garage-punk to open the night, bringing the ruckus on stage. Despite having a small crowd, every ounce of their energy was expelled through their performance. In a complete turnaround of styles, the delicate ISLA KA were up next. Singer Frankie Andrew blows our mind every time we see her perform, and tonight was no different. Their introspective tales swept the audience away. We’ve gone from grungy-punk, to poppy folk, to Hobart rock legends Ride The Tiger – but nothing feels odd about this mix. Finally, the crowd is moving a little more as they embrace 20 minutes of rock'n'roll bliss. 

Bec Stevens was visibly awkward as she first took the stage. She announces that she feels gloomy after having watched all her incredible supports play with a crowd that was constantly ten steps back from the front. As she speaks, the crowd swarms to her. There is a widespread love for Stevens that only ignites throughout the night. Opening with Stitches, Stevens and her band play effortlessly and flawlessly, despite some minor sound hiccups. From then on in, it was pure magic as Stevens and her band performed tune after tune, predominantly from her latest EP Why Don’t You Just. Stevens takes the whole crowd on an emotive ride that has us in utter awe. A very special moment ended the night, with Stevens taking the stage for one last song, this time without band, to play Girl. Acknowledging every single girl at the front, Stevens talked about how she loathes the culture of pitting women against each other. This next moment was anything but hostile, as the women, some strangers, some close friends, all came together. Putting their arms around each other saw a beautiful moment of bonding over a musician that has evidently impacted them all. The united row loudly sing back, "Girl, I’m so proud of you/Get the fuck out of our way, 'cause things are bound to change." That first sight of anxiousness in Stevens' eyes had well and truly faded, and this moment saw Stevens beaming.

If you were anywhere else tonight – shout out to the many that had to choose between the clashing Uni Bar show with DZ Deathrays – you were well and truly missing out. It’s a rarity to come across a musician that utterly blows you away, tonight we had four of them.