Live Review: Basement, Toy Boats, Apart From This, Archives, The Drive Home

8 August 2014 | 10:52 am | Alexander Robertson

The room was packed and the anticipation built – within half a song the crowd-diving began

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Playing impressively well for an opening band, The Drive Home delivered like they could have been the main act. They have a very promising future, what with the pop-punk genre making a comeback and how well they play together on stage.

Fresh off the plane from Vietnam, Archives’ lead singer Kieran Ellis-Jones was still able to present his high-energy and passionate on-stage presence. Archives were enjoying every moment on stage, with this being the second-to-last show they’ll play as a band, ending the set by showing some love with some free merch hurled into the crowd.

Accompanying Basement around Australia as one of the two touring supports, Apart From This hit the stage with a few bass issues. The Melbourne boys quickly got over that however to show that rock music is about making do with what you’ve got and still put on an incredible show. Having the ability to have the vocals go from airy and soft to aggressive so smoothly is an impressive feat that melds so well with the rocky nature of this band.

Byron Bay’s Toy Boats was the other act to be touring support. With every word that comes from Hugo Costin-Neilsen you can feel the warmth of his hometown. After every song you’re filled with such joy and good spirit that by the end of the set you’re content with life. It feels like you’re out in nature and time has stopped so you can just take it all in.

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Having already had a very successful run across Australia with sold-out shows, Basement finished off their run with a very full Fowler’s Live. This is the first time the UK act has set foot on Australian soil and if Adelaide is any sign of the other shows, they’ve had a very warm and excited welcome. The room was packed and the anticipation built – within half a song the crowd-diving began. Drawing clear influences from Nirvana that shine through in their songs, with powerful, emotive vocals lead vocalist Andrew Fisher had this amazing ability to connect with everyone one-on-one, making you feel like you were the only one there. This was made even easier with no barrier to stop the crowd getting nice and close.