Album Review: Bankrupt Billionares - Nobody's Business

20 November 2015 | 3:43 pm | James d'Apice

"Break-up pop-soul meets dancefloor-filling club banger. Tune."

Bloody hell. Rarely is an album so defined by its title track. 

Nobody's Business is a brutal three-and-a-half minute tour-de-force, Adele-meets-MOP, break-up pop-soul meets dancefloor-filling club banger. Tune. Frankly, it's a credit to our hosts' flexibility that it doesn't completely drown out everything else on the record. Endlessly recalls the male rapper/female singer fun Urthboy and Elana Stone had on Hermitude's 2008 Threads. Our predatory protagonist Kel on Earth comes on a little strong for shy work colleague Mantra. Creepy? Sure, but also great fun. I'm Here is a neat opener. Nobody's Business has the production values, charisma and energy to command a place in your heart, if only for its namesake.