Album Review: Armour Group - Purge

2 November 2015 | 11:51 am | Brendan Telford

"Terrifying and alluring stuff."

Noise electronica from Melbourne's Armour Group.

Opening with brittle, golden-age wireless spoken word, Strength is a harrowing, pyrrhic clarion call, a headache-inducing scree that nonetheless forms a white noise chrysalis around the listener, safe in the comfort that all hell is breaking loose. Other stuttering rhythms murmurs through the untitled interludes, a false sense of relent. Conditioning is a nine-minute feedback layered outlaying of unease; Shoot To Kill is more acidic in its industrial meltdown and larynx roar. The title track is a looping mania, an echoing, brutal asylum horror. Terrifying and alluring stuff.