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Album Review: Andrew WK - You're Not Alone

6 March 2018 | 9:00 am | Donald Finlayson

"Andrew WK wants you to know that he's hosting a total rager at his place tonight."

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Almost two decades after he burst into the uncertain post-9/11 world with I Get Wet, the preposterous positivity of Andrew WK's self described "Party Metal" is still as confusing and life-affirming as ever.

Despite his previous successes as an advice columnist and life coach, You're Not Alone brings the feel-good renaissance man back to what he does best; slamming power chords into a pizza-shaped guitar to motivate the masses.

Other than some oddly touching moments where Andrew WK comforts and encourages the listener through the art of spoken word, it's mostly familiar musical territory throughout the album's 52-minute length.

Songs like I Don't Know Anything and The Devil's On Your Side showcase the artist at his most Meatloaf-esque, while the Wagnerian melodrama of Music Is Worth Living For and explosive synth of Give Up On You continue to refine the sweaty essence of his creative ethos. 

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You're Not Alone is unlikely to convert those who prefer a quiet night in, but, for the true believers who wait anxiously by the phone every Friday night, Andrew WK wants you to know that he's hosting a total rager at his place tonight. And everyone's invited.