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Zane Lowe Vents At ‘Horrific’ Music Industry

4 March 2013 | 4:27 pm | Mat Lee

DJ and radio host continually frustrated at industry's workings

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Alternative DJ and radio host Zane Lowe has admitted his confusion regarding the current media-driven state of the music industry.

Despite the industry as a whole posting the first increase in total music sales since 1999, Lowe notes that in the current climate “everyone's underrated as far as record sales go with the exception of about six bands and six artists, because record sales are just decimated. It's just horrific.”

Lowe said the fact that “you can have a billion YouTube hits and sell a thousand albums, or you can sell 60,000 albums and have 14,000 Twitter followers” shows a very grey area in the business at the moment.

He continued to vent his frustration at artists he feels should be more lauded.

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“There's been so many through my life that have frustrated me – I mean, why a band like [New York post-hardcore rockers] Quicksand were never bigger just drives me mad at night. I think Sway as a UK rapper is consistently overlooked – that is a frustrating scenario for me. I think Willy Mason is a phenomenal singer/songwriter. He's very comfortable with where he is in his career, but I would love for him to be doing better...”

Read the full interview here.