Young Aussie Band Surprise Addition To Glastonbury

12 May 2014 | 3:47 pm | Mitch Knox

...and they need your help to get there

As if being the very first band to grace the stages at the brand new Newtown Social Club tonight wasn't enough of an accolade, Melbourne six-piece The Woohoo Revue can now add “official members of the Glastonbury festival line-up” to their accomplished résumés.

Forming part of their impending European tour, the six(!) dates at Glasto between June 25 and 29 are something of a cherry on top of the iced cake that has been The Woohoo Revue's year so far.

And, according to guitarist Dannie McKenzie, this year could have been another where the festival had passed them by, if not for the divine intervention of one DJ Mortisville (Max Mortimer), the keen ears of UK promoter Will Wiles – and a Pozible campaign to help make it happen.

According to McKenzie, once the band had recorded their sophomore effort Moreland's Ball, in 2012, Mortimer was “keen to get his hands on the stems to remix himself”, but also passed them on to other DJs such as Skewiff and Proxy, and consequently a remix album of Woohoo Revue tracks was disseminated into the ether, which led to significant enough interest to get the band onto Glastonbury's radar.

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“We weren't gonna go,” McKenzie said, “but Will called me up and said, 'I can get you some spots at Glastonbury and BoomTown, there's a real buzz right now,' because the remix album was charting really well … and getting quite a bit of play in clubs and stuff, so that's why this is now the right time to do it, because we've never sort of had our name there before.”

Of course, it's no easy task organising flights, accommodation and living necessities for a merry band of six grown adults, and so the forward-thinking collective have turned to the realm of crowd-funding, with the help of Australian platform Pozible, to help reach their just-less-than $11,000 goal. The campaign's deadline is midday (AEST), June 10.

Check The Woohoo Revue's Facebook page or website for more information, and scope out this medley of some of the truly excellent remixes, put out by the UK's Ragtime Records, below: