Yeasayer Announce New Album & Release Fresh Single 'I Am Chemistry'

8 January 2016 | 2:49 pm | Staff Writer

'Amen Goodbye' will be the experimental band's fourth album

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Brooklyn-based experimental rock band Yeasayer have announced the release of their fourth studio album, Amen Goodbye, sharing its kaleidoscopic lead single, I Am Chemistry, with an appropriately surrealist animated music video. 

The three-piece sound glorious throughout the five minutes of I Am Chemistry, cycling through instruments and textures at a rapid pace, and feeling as colourful as they did on their lauded sophomore album. There’s even a vocal appearance from legendary folk singer Suzzy Roche of The Roches as she lends a Greek-chorus-style bridge to the latter half of the song.

The futuristic music video was created by renowned sculptor David Altmejd in collaboration with director group New Team Ltd, featuring themes of destruction and rebirth. It also stars the trio’s disrobed likeness performing an interpretive dance, because what’s sculpture without a few naked people?

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The band recorded this new album straight to tape at Outlier Inn Studio in upstate New York with the assistance of drumming virtuoso Joey Waronker, who has previously worked with Atoms For Peace, Elliott Smith, and Beck.

Amen Goodbye will be released on 1 April via Create/Control, arriving in time to surely mess with your mind just that little bit more before the day is over.